How It Works

Ordinary floss is often used in a shoe shine or sawing motion. This type of flossing leaves the flosser vulnerable to chronic gum disease as it is very inefficient and leads to missing large parts of the mouth.

The one inch spaced knots found on Knotty Floss provide guideposts to ensure the most effective flossing technique.

When flossing with Knotty Floss simply wrap the side of the tooth with the smooth section of the floss and place your fingers beside the two side by side knots.


This ensures that you are rubbing the floss up and down under the gums in the most effective movement possible.

When you don’t move Knotty Floss past the knots in the horizontal plane you are ensuring that you are gaining all the possible health benefits from flossing.

Why stick with ordinary floss and cheat yourself of getting the most out of your flossing commitment?