Our Floss


Ordinary floss was only designed to clean the smooth sides of teeth and the space between the teeth and gums. Knotty Floss is a new, patent pending, floss that goes well beyond the function of ordinary floss. Not only does Knotty Floss provide the necessary function of traditional floss but it goes well beyond and solves the shortcomings of ordinary floss.

Knotty Floss is packaged conveniently in a credit card sized container that can be kept in your wallet just like a credit card. This small size allows you to stick a pack in your purse, the glove compartment of your car, the business card holder on your desk, in your briefcase or planner…the possibilities are endless. Due to the convenient packaging you can ensure that you are never without floss when the need arises. Since flossing doesn’t need to be done at any specific time of day or even by the sink, like brushing, you can have your floss with you to floss when it is most convenient for you. Use Knotty Floss once every 24 hours to achieve 100% of the benefits of flossing. It is well established that flossing provides fresh breath, healthy gums and overall heart and body health due to a lack of chronic oral inflammation.