Why Knot

Similar to the bumps on a wide receiver’s gloves, Knotty Floss has bumps (knots) built into the floss to improve grip. This means that there is no more slippery floss to fumble with and that it is easy to hold and use when wet, regardless of hand size.

Knotty Floss is also great for the mouth with implants, crowns and fillings with gaps. The knots reach into those spaces like a wedge and pull out the food or plaque simply and efficiently. Powerful knots work like a bulldozer to grab pieces that ordinary floss would simply slide over. Implant collars can be cleaned efficiently as the knot fits perfectly into the post crown connection.


Knotty Floss is the first available floss with the ability to reach deeper into areas that pack food between the teeth and gums. Relief is felt immediately after pulling the knot through the area where food gets impacted. Popcorn kernels, berry seeds, apple peels and grains of all kind are no match for the powerful knots in Knotty Floss.

Isn’t it time for the next generation of floss??? It’s here! New, patent pending, Knotty Floss solves every problem and gets everything that ordinary floss has left behind.